Where to Visit in February in the United States

For some people, February may be the best time of year to stay at home. For the rest of us, this means fewer people, snow adventure and/or warm escape. In severe winter, some of us like to embrace snow and cold temperatures, while others look for tropical climate to cure winter blues.
In order to help you find the best places in America in February, there are a few things on this list.
1. Big Island, Hawaii

best places to visit in the usa in February
Big Island is one of the most magical places in Hawaii, so if it has not been included in your travel list, it should be included! This paradise in Hawaii is the largest and most important. This paradise in Hawaii is the largest, most diverse and perhaps the most adventurous of all islands. From hiking to capturing the legendary sunset at the steam vent (as shown above) to snorkeling with manta rays, the Big Island has many activities suitable for every kind of traveler.
February is a wonderful time to visit because the weather at this time is a bit cool, and it is the season for humpback whales. If you have winter depression, you need a tropical refreshment, and Big Island is waiting for you!
The best activity in February. Watch the stars in Hawaii Volcano National Park, drift in Shilo Bay, hike to Akaka Falls, or take part in this snorkeling and sailing trip to see marine life.
Where do you live? The Big Island Sanatorium is only a few steps away from Kaharu Beach Park and is a sustainable tourism real estate. The price is about $165 per night, which is a good mid-range choice.
2. Fairbanks, Alaska

Best Places to Visit in the USA in February
If you haven’t found out why winter is the best time to visit Alaska, I will give you a hint: aurora. Although the northern lights in March are more energetic, you still have a great chance to see them in February, so the winter trip is completely worthwhile.
This is the ultimate place to embrace the charm of winter in the far north, and February is the best time. Because the tourism industry is very sluggish at this time of the year, you can get preferential accommodation at this time. This is also a good time to look at the winter landscape of Denali National Park and Kastner Glacier Ice Cave. Click here to learn about other activities in Fairbanks this February.
The best activity in February. Watch the northern lights in yurts, drive along the Arctic Circle, explore the aurora museum of ice and snow, or take a bath in Chenna Hot Spring.
Where do you live? Denali Lake View Hotel is a quiet and comfortable place where you may see the aurora on the balcony. The room price is about $132 per night.
3. Larsen Volcano National Park, California
Winter is the absolute best time to see the California desert, because many other seasons are too hot to fully enjoy its beauty.
The little-known Larsen Volcano National Park is definitely worth more publicity. From the clear water of Helen Lake to the mountain view of Brockov Peak, there are quite a lot of scenery here, which is worth visiting.
Larsen’s February day is very cool (the highest temperature is over 50 degrees), but the sun is bright, so we must take adequate sunscreen measures. The night may be quite cold, so if you decide to camp, be sure to prepare for the freezing temperature.
Learn everything you need to know about planning Larson’s trip here.
The best activity in February. Watch the stars at Ridge Lakes, climb Mount Larsen, or see the opaque green of Boiling Spring Lake.
Where do you live? There are some campsites in the park, but most of them are closed in February. The Almano Lake Hotel is close to the park and has a complete kitchen in the room. The room rate is about $234 per night.
4. Orange County, California
If you want to escape the cold of winter, Orange County is another awesome choice. A sunny day with a temperature of more than 70 degrees may be a good medicine to cure your winter blues. You can see the epic sunset on the beach or on the helicopter, or the sunrise on the hot air balloon. This is also the peak period of grey whale migration.
In addition to some serious epic sunsets, there are many things to do in Orange County. You can stay as long as you want, and you won’t feel bored. It is possible that you will still feel like you are in the dream of California after you go home.
The most worthwhile thing to do in February. Take a cruise ship to watch whales and dolphins, visit Santiago under the guide, or take part in kayaking and hiking activities.
Where do you live? Riviera Beach&Shores Resorts had a lower price in February, with the room price as low as $129 per night. Considering that the hotel has a beach passage, this is a good choice!
5. Great Basin National Park, Nevada
The Great Basin is another national park. Unlike other parks in the southwestern United States, it has many tourists, but it is definitely worth visiting. Here, you will find the original alpine lakes, the ancient bristle pine (the oldest organism in the world!), the incredible mountaintop scenery, and some of the best star watching activities in 48 states.
The temperature in February in the National Park is very low, with the highest temperature in the 40s and the lowest temperature in the 20s, so a lot of clothes should be prepared. Although it may be very cold this month, there is less snow. If you want to go hiking and/or watch the stars, this is the ideal time to visit.
You can find everything you need here and start planning your trip to the Great Basin.
The most worthwhile thing to do in February. Led by forest rangers, visit Lehman Cave, walk the Bristol Pine Path, climb Wheeler Peak, and so on.
Where do you live? Accommodation nearby is scarce, so Stargazer Inn Nevada in Baker Town is your best choice. The room rate is about $97 per night.
6. Kirkum Hot Springs, Idaho
Hot spring shower? yes…
If you haven’t bathed in hot springs in winter, this is your motivation to try. The steam rising from the hot water creates a dazzling atmosphere. You can find all its charm in the Kokam Hot Spring in Idaho. Summer is the most popular season, so going to see it in winter means you will have a better chance to have this place.
This is one of many equally beautiful hot springs in the region, so if you want to make full use of them, you can consider taking a hot spring road trip in Idaho in February this year.
The most worthwhile thing to do in February. Soak in hot springs (obviously), drive Ponderosa Pine scenic highway, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in Whoop-Um-Up Park N ‘Ski Area, or hike to Pilot Peak in Boise National Forest.
Place to live. If you are traveling together, this well-equipped cabin near the hot spring is a good luxury choice, and the price is about 279 dollars per night. You can also stay in a yurt at about $80 per night.
7. Big Empty City, Montana
Datian is a destination for skiers of all levels, with more than 5800 acres of ski terrain and 85 miles of ski trails. Skiing is the main attraction here. One of the best places to go is Big Sky Resort, which has 38 cable cars to choose from.
If you want to extend your trip, you can take Big Empty City as a stop for your road trip to Yellowstone Park in winter, because Yellowstone Park is only an hour away.
The most worthwhile thing to do in February. Skating, hiking and sightseeing around the four mountains in the region.
Where do you live? Since February is the peak season for skiing in the big empty city, the accommodation price is much higher. Rainbow Ranch Lodge is one of the more affordable options. The room starts at about 375 dollars per night.
8. Page, Arizona

Best Places to Visit in the USA in February
Page is the site of many natural wonders, including Antelope Canyon, Waves, Rosefinch Cliff National Monument, Powell Lake and White Pocket. Because many places will become particularly crowded in spring and autumn, winter is the best time to avoid crowds. The temperature here is very low in February, with the highest temperature in the 40s and the lowest temperature at night falling to more than 10 degrees. Therefore, although it is not as cold as the northern states, you still need to prepare a lot of clothes.
The best activity in February. Visit the Upper Antelope Canyon or the Lower Antelope Canyon, watch the Horseshoe Canyon and the Tower Mountain from the helicopter, or walk to the White Pocket under the guidance of the guide.
Where do you live? Canyon Colors Lodging and Breakfast Hotel is the best choice for many chain hotels you find in and around Page. It is very comfortable and has a good evaluation. The room rate starts at $79 per night.
9. Tascon, Arizona
Tucson is an obvious choice for any desert enthusiast to find the best place in the United States in February. From the bold and hot sunset to the strange cactus shape dotted in the landscape, here is indeed unique.
This is the ideal place to escape the cold this winter. The temperature in Tucson in February is very high, with the highest temperature below 70 degrees and sufficient sunshine. Considering that most of the city’s treasures are outdoors, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful weather all day.
The most worthwhile thing to do in February. Take a hot air balloon to get the most amazing desert landscape, pass through Box Canyon and Pinal Mountains through ATV, visit Tucson Botanical Garden, and so on.
Where do you live? This “quiet little house” in the center of Tucson is the perfect choice for fast accommodation, which only costs about $80 per night.
10. Zion National Park, Utah

Best Places to Visit in the USA in February
As one of the most famous national parks in the United States, Zion will become very crowded during the peak season from spring to autumn. Of course, it is still worth visiting, but the long queues and the soaring cost of accommodation nearby may be unbearable. That’s why you should consider visiting Zion in February, when the population was at the lowest point of the year.
Although the winter here may be very cold, and the temperature at night will drop to more than 20 degrees, it also means that you may see slight snow on the mountain, which makes the scenery here very beautiful. Popular viewing platforms, such as Observation Point and Angels Landing, show a different beauty in winter and are completely worth appreciating in cold temperatures.
Best activities in February. Go to watch the stars, participate in the sunset UTV tour, explore the pine hills on horseback, or enjoy the beauty of Zion from the helicopter.
Where do you live? Zion Wild Flower is an incredible place to stay. It provides bungalows, camping tents, and even a covered carriage to get a truly unique experience. The room rate is about $200 per night.
11. National Memorial of the Grand Stairway in Escaland, Utah

best places to visit in the usa in February
Scenery of Jungle Wolf Valley
The Grand Stairway Escalant is one of the truly awesome national parks in Utah. The famous red rock strata in this area are abundant here, which makes this space sometimes have a feeling of being extraordinary.
The weather in February is very cold, sometimes windy, and the temperature drops to more than 30 degrees. However, there are many advantages to visit Escalant in winter. This is the off-season in most national parks, including this park, so you can enjoy fewer people and better accommodation prices.
There are several places that can only be accessed in winter, such as the Zebra Canyon, which is usually flooded from spring to autumn. If you come, don’t miss the opportunity to walk to the hyena valley, because it is one of the highlights of the region.
The most worthwhile thing to do in February. Check out the narrow canyon, explore Moab, or find the Grosvenor Arch and Haqberry Gorge.
Where do you live? Because it is the land of BLM, outdoor camping can be carried out almost anywhere in the park, although the cold temperature is not suitable for everyone. You can consider staying in the comfortable Cliffrose cabin in Caneb, which only costs 124 dollars per night.
12. Colorado Grand Dunes National Park and Reserve

Best Places to Visit in the USA in February
The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve has the highest sand dune in North America, which is a treasure worth seeing. Although February is one of the coldest months here, this is the best time to enjoy the dunes, because it is very likely that you will leave this place almost entirely for yourself. In addition, this area has the title of International Dark Sky Park, so it is one of the most spectacular night sky in the country.
In February, it usually snows once a week, but it usually melts rapidly on the thermal sand dunes. Get ready for low temperature (in your 30s to 10s), wear more clothes, and do a good job of sunscreen, because the light bounced from the sand may be very harsh. If you think Colorado has only fresh powder and ski lifts in February, this place will remind you of the spectacular diversity of the state.
The most worthwhile thing to do in February. Go sand skiing or sand sledging, catch a glimpse of elk and elk, and hike on the sand dunes.
Where do you live? It is a good choice to rent a complete house here, because there are few hotels near the park. The “eclectic adobe hut” of Craystone is very comfortable for the visit in February, and the rent of the whole place is only about 112 dollars per night.
13. Colorado National Monument, Colorado
Some places will be more magical in winter, and the Colorado National Monument is one of them. The snowfall here is relatively small, and often only a thin layer of powder is used to cover the landscape. The delicate white snow contrasts with the magnificent red and orange rock formations, making the scene at this time of year very charming.
Unlike other destinations in the state, the Colorado National Monument is easy to navigate in winter because there is rarely enough snow to block roads and hiking trails. In addition, the temperature here in February is much milder, and the maximum temperature in the daytime reaches more than 40 degrees. Add this to your Colorado road trip to extend your adventure!
The best thing to do in February. Try cross-country skiing and downhill skiing, snowshoes, sleigh and fat man cycling. You can also hike to incredible scenic spots, canyons and rock formations.
Where do you live? The lovely Grand Junction town is only 6 miles from the Colorado National Monument, and is full of restaurants, attractions and accommodation places, such as this sweet holiday house, which only costs 120 dollars per night.
14. White Sands National Park, New Mexico

Best Places to Visit in the USA in February
Go to Baisha National Park in February this year, and confuse your friends with the pictures of you barefoot on the huge white sand dunes, which look like just falling snow. This charming place is your visual feast. Its bright white hillside glitters at sunrise and sunset, and seems to change color. Baisha is rarely crowded, but when you visit in February, you can almost guarantee that you will have a large area of your own, because this is the off-season.
In the daytime, the temperature of this season hovers between the first half of the 1950s and the second half of the 1960s, while at night it falls to the 1930s. This is an unconventional beach resort option, providing a warm climate, but more remote paths. Are you ready to start planning your visit? Take a look at this guide to Baisha National Park first.
The most worthwhile thing to do in February. Walking on sand dunes, playing sand skiing or sand sledging, watching sunset or sunrise, and so on.
Where do you live? There are not many places to stay near the park, but the Home2 Suites hotel in Hilton Alamogodo has the best evaluation, and the price is also good, about 150 dollars per night.
15. Jemes Spa, New Mexico

Best Places to Visit in the USA in February
If you take a road trip in New Mexico in February this year, Jemes Hot Spring is a must. In February, there may be snow in the area and it is very cold, so it is more pleasant to soak in the hot spring. Here, you can choose more rugged natural hot springs, which need to be driven and hiked, or you can choose to have an artificial experience in the Gemes Hot Spring Hotel and Spa. Either way, it is a wonderful way to spend outdoor time in the comfortable steam pool in winter.
The best activity in February. Go to Spence Hot Springs and San Antonio Hot Springs to find more primitive pools, and extend your trip, including Taos’ spaceship.
Where do you live? If you are traveling with other people, this hut of about 300 dollars per night is a good choice because it is close to the hot spring. Otherwise, you can stay at the Gemes Hot Spring at the price of 195 dollars per night, including soaking in the hot spring for two hours.
16. Davis Fort Hill State Park, Texas

Best Places to Visit in the USA in February
If stargazing is your wish list, consider going to Davis Fort State Park in Texas this February to enjoy one of the most dazzling night sky in the country. This place is absolutely remote, about halfway between Big Bend and El Paso.
Here you will find the MacDonald Observatory, which holds a starry sky party. You can spend 2 hours learning more about what you can see in the night sky with astronomers. Speaking of the star watching activities in West Texas, there is nothing better than Davis Castle State Park.
The most worthwhile thing to do in February. Walk on the mountain road during the day and watch the stars at night
Where do you live? Linpia Hotel is only a few miles away from the park. It is an affordable place. The room price starts at 74 dollars per night.
17. South Park Island, Texas
If you want to go to the beach this winter, South Pade Island in Texas is a place to consider. Although the island has a noisy reputation in spring break and summer, visiting in February means enjoying the beach in peace and quiet in the off-season. Because the temperature here is rarely lower than 65 degrees in the daytime, the warm environment makes people get rid of the chill of winter.
The most worthwhile thing to do in February. Rent a bike to explore the island, play with vertical paddles, rent a canoe, or simply relax on the beach and watch the sunrise or sunset.
Where do you live? February is the best time for hotel transactions. For example, this fully serviced apartment costs only $140 per night.
18. New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans is one of the best places to travel alone in February this year, because it can easily fill your schedule. There are many things to do in New Orleans. We have a whole guide to help you decide how to spend your time there.
At this time of the year, the highest temperature is in the 60s and the lowest temperature is in the 40s. There is perfect sweater weather. If you live farther north, it is a good breakthrough for the cold. This is also a quiet period, with fewer people, and flights and accommodation are more preferential.
The most worthwhile thing to do in February. Visit famous cemeteries, cruise the marshes of the Manchak estuary, take part in cocktail and brunch crawling activities in the French region, or take cooking classes in Cajun and Creole.
Where do you live? Creole Garden Hotel and hotel are located in the center of the beautiful lower garden area, and its hospitality has been praised. The room price is about 119 dollars per night. Book here.
19. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
In Milwaukee, don’t be intimidated by the low temperature in February! Although it may be very cold during this time. Although it may be very cold at this time of year, there are still many places worth appreciating in this treasure land in the Midwest. Go out and try many winter sports in and around the city: from snowshoes to curling, you can do it in the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area. If you feel bold, you can even surf on Lake Michigan in Bradford Beach.
After a full day of winter sports and hiking, go to the city center to enjoy a warm dinner and some of the best handmade beer in the country. Don’t miss the famous cheese rolls!
The most worthwhile thing to do in February. Take part in the local food tour, or learn about the haunted past of the city in the ghost tour.
Where do you live? I like the architectural style of the Tiema Hotel. It is a building with a history of 100 years and used to be a warehouse. The starting price of the room here is about 179 dollars per night. Book here.
20. Towns on the upper Mississippi River, Illinois and Iowa

best places to visit in the usa in february
If you have ever traveled in Illinois and Iowa, you may remember that hundreds of miles of corn fields extend in all directions. Although this area in the Midwest is famous for its farmland, there are also some natural scenery and quaint towns worth visiting.
January and February are the best months to watch white-headed eagles, because these majestic creatures flock to the forest cliffs along the Mississippi River to nest for the winter. After you catch sight of the national bird of the United States, take a hike or snow hiking on many trails in the region.
For more ideas, please see our list of the best activities in Illinois, including some of the most lovely towns in the Mississippi River region.
The most worthwhile thing to do in February. Take cross-country skiing in Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Park, or take a tour in a white-headed hawk cart, and watch these majestic birds in the wild.
Place to live. The comfortable country villa is located in the golden area of Eagle Watching. The price of two rooms and one hall is about 185 dollars per night. Book here.
21. Mount Magic Ski Resort, Vermont

Located in Londonderry, Vermont, Magic Mountain is a paradise for skiers of all levels, with 50 trails to choose from and a lot of snow to enjoy! This winter wonderland has been slipped by people. This winter wonderland has a skiing history of more than 50 years. Compared with the larger resorts in the region, it provides a more simple and relaxed experience.
The cableway ticket is more affordable than the regular ticket price in New England, making it the best choice for skiers with limited budget!
The most worthwhile place to visit in February. Ski in Magic Mountain, then visit and taste the handmade brewery in Burlington.
Where do you live? The Snowdon Chalet Motel can easily reach the ski resorts in and around Londonderry, and the room price starts at $149 per night. Book here.
22. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Best Places to Visit in the USA in February
Hilton Head Island is a very popular beach destination in summer. At this time, the hot weather is suitable for swimming in the sea. February visit may not be the best time to swim, but it is the ideal time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this charming island. The maximum temperature at this time of the year is about 65 degrees, and it drops to more than 50 degrees at night. This is a good weather. You can walk on the shore, play leisurely on the sea, or explore the scenery of the lowlands.
Since February is the off-season of Hilton Head Island, you can avoid crowds and get preferential accommodation. There won’t be so many restaurants open at this time of year, but there are still many things to do on the island.
The most worthwhile thing to do in February. Watch dolphins, overlook the island by helicopter, kayak along Skeleton Creek under the guidance of the guide, or rent a pontoon boat to explore by yourself.
Where do you live? There are many large chain hotels in the seaside, but you can also find the whole villa and apartment with more affordable prices, such as this one, which is about $200 per night.
23. Jekyll Island, Georgia

best places to visit in the usa in february
On the coast of Georgia lies the picturesque Jekyll Island, a sunny beach resort for adventurers and animal lovers. The island is the only turtle education and rehabilitation institution in Georgia. Here, tourists can participate in the evening tour of sea turtles to learn more about these creatures and other wild animals on the island.
The temperature in the daytime is over 60 degrees, and the weather is very suitable for walking on the beach of Driftwood Beach Park. Have a picnic, enjoy the floating wood monument, or catch the famous sunset on the island. February is also a good time to travel, because there will be an event called “Island Treasure” on the island, which is a game of hide and seek. Players can find glass balls in the game and exchange for hand-made glass floating balls.
Best activities in February. Follow the bird-watching trail along the colonial coast, visit the historic Marshes of Glynn Overlook Park, or watch a performance at the historic Ritz Theatre.
Where do you live? Jekyll Island Club Resort looks like a 19th-century castle. It provides swimming pool and free transportation to the beach. The room rate is about $229 per night. Book here.
24. Ginny Springs in Florida

Best Places to Visit in the USA in February
If you are salivating at all the dazzling photos of Mexico’s Fairy Cave, but want to keep them in China in February this year, go to Ginny Hot Spring in Florida. With bright turquoise, baby blue water and underground caves with pools, it is one of the most beautiful oases in Florida.
Although Ginny Hot Spring is often full in summer, the number of tourists in February will decrease. If you want to fully experience its beauty, now is the best time to visit. Because Florida keeps warm all year round, it is also a good place to enjoy fresh water immersion in winter. Now is also the season of manatees. Go to the Crystal River to see manatees.
The best activity in February. Swimming with manatees in the Crystal River, renting a canoe or paddle to explore the Jinni Spring, or diving into the Devil’s Cave.
Place to live. Grady House Bed and Breakfast is one of the best accomodations in the neighborhood. The room starts at about $200 per night. Book here.
25. Key West, Florida

Best Places to Visit in the USA in February
If you need a tropical resort in February, one of the best places is Key West, which may be the warmest place on the American mainland at this time of year. So don’t be surprised if you see a lot of other snowbirds here. Unlike most other items on this list, the peak season in Key West is winter, so it may become very crowded.


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