Cornwall’s top attractions and most beautiful locations are listed as the best places to visit

Mount Saint Michel
Perhaps you have heard of Mount St. Michel, the island named by the monastery, is a popular weekend resort in France. So, do you know that Cornwall County has its own “little sister”, which is also a famous place?
Benedictine monks built the first church here in 1135. It was originally considered as a pilgrimage site and originally belonged to Mount St. Michel in France. Later, the island became a fortress, and then became one of the most popular attractions in Cornwall County.
Entering from Malazion Town, a brick causeway, sometimes slightly submerged, connects the mainland and the island. Although Mount St. Michael is not as grand as its French counterpart, the medieval castle above – now a family residence – has added some special things, making it one of the best tourist spots in Cornwall.
Kovac on the Liza Peninsula
Lize Peninsula
Liza Peninsula is one of my favorite coastlines in the whole country, next only to the Jurassic coast of my hometown Dorset.
Licha Peninsula is located in the south of Cornwall County – Cape Licha is the south-west point of British mainland – the whole peninsula has a feeling of being far away from everything. In fact, you should bring two things here: walking shoes and camera.
Due to limited roads, limited development and a large area of unpolluted green coast, all the charm of the past has been preserved here. An idyllic village such as Coverack and Cadgwith is the perfect place to eat fish and chips for lunch, while an emerald bay such as Kyance Cove is the most worthwhile place to visit in Cornwall.
If you want to spend a relaxing holiday in Cornwall County, you may consider living on the peninsula instead of living in a larger town. Book a beach stay in Porthleven for the right holiday experience. This is one of the most dreamy places on the coast of Cornwall. With these breezy sea views, your morning coffee will be more delicious.
Sea view of Villa Chy an Mor in Porthleven © Aspects Holidays
Cornwall is a place you usually go for the coast and quaint villages. However, if you want to visit museums and enjoy the comfort of the city, you can go to Truro, the only city in the region.
Although the cathedral is towering and worth visiting, the city still maintains a relaxed atmosphere of Cornwall. There are many independent bars and cafes here — Lemon Street Market is a treasure land — it is a good base and a place to purchase materials, especially in the fresh agricultural products market.
The main reason for visiting Truro is that there are more important cultural products here than other places. Go to the Royal Cornwall Museum, where you can learn more about the history of the region and the Cornwall language. Visit the Victorian Cathedral – distinguished by its three spires. You can even try to watch a performance in the Hall for Cornwall, which is a popular performance venue.
Scenery of St. Ives
St. Ives
For centuries, Saint-Ives has been one of the most popular resorts in Cornwall County. When you see the vast beach — especially impressive when the tide is ebbing — you will understand why.
For many people, this is the best place in Cornwall because it has many things. There are many amazing beaches here, some in the town, some very close to the town, you can walk. The cobbled streets connect lovely corners, seaside pubs, fish and chips shops, and, of course, people who make pies. Then, you can take a boat to see dolphins, or watch the Godivi Lighthouse and the modern art collection of Tate Art Museum at a close distance. You will also find the magnificent Tregana Castle nearby. When my cousin got married here, I also visited the castle — a very beautiful experience
If you want to find a dreamlike base in Cornwall, you can’t be wrong here. Choose the exclusive vacation villa in Saint-Ives to rent, and you can get everything you need at your door. This does mean that it is very popular in summer, but it is a beautiful destination that you can enjoy all year round. Even if I go on a fast holiday in January, it is very pleasant; The price and the nearly empty streets make the off-season visit – even if the sky is slightly gray – also worth a try.
Eden Project
Eden Project
Since its opening in 2001, the Eden project – a closed botanical garden – has become one of the best places for people in Cornwall who are curious and enthusiastic about exotic plants.
This vast space is loved by adults and children. There are eye-catching exhibitions, interactive experiences, and plant species from all over the world, which can be found in the biological enclosed garden.
Although it costs money to enter the Eden project, I think it is worth it – especially if you can easily spend half a day to understand it.
King’s Bar, Marazin, a traditional British bar
For decades, Newcastle has been honored as the surfing capital of England, making it one of the best places to ride the wind and waves or learn to surf in Cornwall. However, there are many reasons for you to add one stop to your trip.
As one of the larger towns in the region, you will find many excellent restaurants and adequate accommodation. Therefore, Newcastle is a good base. Just remember that in summer, the population of more than 20000 people can increase five times.
Whether you live here or visit for a day, it is very worthwhile to explore the town and surrounding areas. If you don’t like to catch up with the waves, don’t worry, because there are many adventure activities here, such as climbing along the low and spectacular cliffs.
Other Cornwall attractions in Newcastle include family-friendly zoos, dazzling Fistel beaches, and some national trust estates inland. In the evening, especially in summer, there are some pretty good nightlife here, which is also why it becomes a good base in Cornwall County.
Minack Theatre
Minack Theatre
The unique and charming Minac Theatre is one of my favorite places to visit in England, and of course it is also one of the special attractions in Cornwall.
Nearly 100 years ago, Rowena Cade began to create something unusual. The Minac Theatre came into being after chiseling out the theatre on the cliff, bringing a unique scene to the south coast of Cornwall.
The reason why Minac Theater is so special is that in the summer months, the sea background and sea breeze run through the whole open-air performance. Even if there is no performance arranged during your visit, you can still visit the theatre during the day. This is a miracle, not only because of its ingenious design, but also because of its magnificent environment.
Although most tourists who come to Cornwall County will enjoy their trek and roaming along the coastline, it is important to mention the inland Bodminmore.
Bodmin is a vast wasteland in the northeast of Cornwall. It is a place of special significance for those who are interested in geological history. However, what makes Bodmin one of the best tourist destinations in Cornwall is its history.
You can find a large number of ancient relics in granite slabs and deserted pastures. In fact, this place has been pointed out as one of the best sites of Neolithic and Bronze Age sites in Europe. King Arthur’s Hall is a monumental ritual site and one of the most famous sites.
Mevajisse, near St Oster
St Oster and Mevajisi
These two lovely scenic spots not far from the Devon border can be easily combined, because Mevajisi is only 20 minutes’ drive or bus from the railway station in St Ostell.
As an ancient market town, St. Oster has played an important role in the mining industry in the region and the clay industry in China. You will still find the historic importance of the town, such as the former Cornwall Arena. Today, it is the gateway to some of the best scenic spots in Cornwall County, and the site of the St Auster Brewery Company. You can visit and have a drink.
However, the coastal Mevajisi is the perfect Cornwall village on the postcard. It is one of the best places in Cornwall County, where you can taste fresh seafood in wooden bars, and the colorful houses and boats around the port are the most important.
Coastal Trail in Cornwall
End of land
The landmark of Cornwall has long been a place full of myths and legends – even the ancient Greeks loved this place and named it “Belerion”, which means the place of the sun. This period of history and spectacular scenery ensured that Lujiazui firmly consolidated its position as one of the best tourist destinations in Cornwall County.
Now, it has become a little too “theme park”, I don’t like it. However, it is undeniable that this is a magical place where you can enjoy the sunset with iced drinks. Drink a pint of beer in a 17th century pub, listen to the myth of pirate history, or take the children to a scenic spot suitable for children.
Just note that this is not the cheapest place in Cornwall. Between parking lots, scenic spots and higher-priced food and ice cream, the cost of a family will soon increase.
Konish Seal Reserve
Cornwall Seal Reserve
Cornwall County is home to a large number of seals. On some beaches, such as Padesto Port and Mutton Bay, you can see them basking in the sand or on the breakwater. Sadly, some seals were injured by fishing boats or other diseases and were treated in the Cornwall Seal Reserve.
Although watching wild animals is always better than watching captive animals, this place is not a typical Cornwall scenic spot like the zoo, because its main purpose is rehabilitation rather than entertainment.
Therefore, although it is good to visit and enjoy the recovery of seals and pups, it is more important to know that once they recover healthy and strong, they will return to the wild and enjoy the life of nature.
The Lost Garden of Heligan
Heiligen’s Lost Garden
Close to Mevajisi, you will find the lost garden of Heligen, which is a hidden gem in Europe. Even if you are not a “garden lover”, you will find that you are interested in one of the best scenic spots in Cornwall, especially when you know its story.
First of all, the area of the garden is very large. If forest land is included, it covers more than 200 acres. Hanging bridges and mossy statues adorn the garden. Until about 30 years ago, the garden was still affected by various factors.
Although the history of Heligan Manor can be traced back to the 13th century, the garden was beautified and planted in the 18th century. Then, around 1915 and at the beginning of the First World War, the garden was forgotten and “lost”. Fortunately, after the restoration project and the enthusiastic work of horticulturists, Heligan has almost recovered its former glory.
Egypt House, Penzans
This small town in the west of Cornwall is perhaps the most famous for its pirate history, which is emphasized in the opera “Pirates of Penzance”, which can be traced back to the era of Queen Victoria. However, although the pirates in real life no longer exist, there are still many other reasons to visit the town.
Penzance has many things to see and do. From galleries and gardens to museums and open-air Lido, Penzance has become one of the best tourist destinations in Cornwall County. Of particular concern is the Egyptian Palace, which is a listed building with very interesting exterior walls. Panliwu is the site of some excellent paintings of alumni of the nearby art school, and it is also worth visiting.
Although Penzans is a popular base in Cornwall County, due to its many conveniences, I suggest booking a villa near the port. In this way, you can get the best of both worlds; You can not only see the seashore scenery, but also enjoy all the benefits in the town.
Padesto and Bedrutan steps

On the north coast of Cornwall County, it is easy to combine the two best tourist destinations in Cornwall County. It’s either a 20-minute drive or a 17-mile trail around the Cape Trevors. Although this is one of the longest sections of the Southwest Coast Road, the incredible scenery makes it very worthwhile to get up early.
In Padstow, you will find a quiet seaside town with a fishing port still working ahead. These regular catches ensure that it becomes the first choice for celebrities to provide fresh seafood dishes. Rick Stan and Michelin star chef Paul Answorth both opened restaurants here.
At the end of the trail, Bedrutan Steps Beach is waiting for one of the most amazing places in Cornwall. However, the real magic lies in the path along the way, where there are many sheltered bays and beautiful rocks. If the road is too long, the turquoise waters of Porthcotan Beach are also colorful. Starting from Padstow, it is about 13 miles one-way, or there is a 6-mile circular route from Bedrutan.
Pendennis Castle in Falmouth
Life in Falmouth – like most parts of Cornwall – is about the sea. However, in this coastal city, due to the existence of the National Marine Museum, its significance goes further.
In this impressive space, you will find many sailing stories and full-size replicas of Cornwall County’s past and real ships in the past. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the ticket price is a little high, because the outpost in London is free, but they are allowed to enter within a whole year.
Nearby, you will also find Pendennis Castle in the Tudor period, which is one of the best attractions in Cornwall County. Henry VIII built this fortification to resist the attack of the French. Most of the original structures – mainly fortresses – are still in existence today. You can take a walk on the vast field, where there are historic cannons, visit museums, and learn more about the role of this outpost in World War II.
Nail it on. Best tourist destination in Cornwall
Skilly Islands
Welcome to the Skilly Islands, which can be said to be the most worth visiting island in Britain. This (usually) sunlit archipelago of about 50 islands is amazing and has won the title of the most magical tourist destination in Cornwall County.
To get here, you need to take a short flight or ferry – the latter is my personal suggestion. It not only has lower carbon emissions than flying, but also provides an excellent view of the coast for short trips, which is often cheaper.
The main advantage of the journey is that it is easier to find a beach that is quieter than the mainland. The sand is a kind of gorgeous salt white. On a sunny day, the sea glitters and almost looks like the Caribbean Sea (if you squint). Although only a few islands are inhabited, there are still many islands to visit, so island hopping is very popular.
If you have gone so far south, you may have covered all the best places to visit in Cornwall and won yourself another fish and chips to celebrate on the beach. Next, it is time to find some other best places in the southwest of England!


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