On the US DOLLAR, there are 11 cheap places to travel

With little money, travel has never been so simple. Although “retaliatory travel” has driven up prices in the short term, these prices have begun to fall back to the level before COVID. Moreover, with the popularity of the sharing economy, a large number of cheap flights and the emergence of affordable accommodation, travel has never been more affordable than it is now.
If you are an American, the strong dollar makes travel in many places very cheap (even cheaper). Although this is not very good for others, it is good for us Americans, because we have got the best exchange rate for many years. Although the absolute price is rising, you should really use this exchange rate to travel now.
Although there are many great destination choices, I want to list my favorite places. I think these places are the most interesting, interesting and accessible places, and provide great value for your money. Here are 11 cheap places to travel in US dollars.
A cheap place to travel in US dollars
Costa Rica
South Africa
the republic of korea
All places
1. Costa Rica

A stunning beach and lush jungle along the coast of Costa Rica
Costa Rica is my favorite Central American country. Although it is one of the most expensive countries in the region, your money will still be worth it here. It has also struck a balance between budget friendliness and safety, while providing a large number of amazing attractions and activities.
There are many things to see and do in this magical place. You will find misty forests, sea turtles, incredible surfing, volcanoes, whitewater rafting, wonderful nature reserves, deep-sea diving, and some of the happiest and most beautiful people.
In terms of budget travel, if you use hotels and buses and cook by yourself, you only need about $50 per day; You can also do some budget activities, such as snorkeling or hiking. As a reward, flights from the United States are also very cheap. If you are flexible, you can find a round trip ticket less than $300.
With a mid-range budget of $100 a day, you can live in Airbnb, eat more outside, enjoy a few drinks, take a taxi occasionally, and do more paid activities, such as tour guides, surfing classes and museum visits. In short, under this budget, you will not lack anything!
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2. Vietnam

A small building nestled against the mountains near a lake in rural Vietnam
Vietnam is one of the cheapest countries in a region with a budget. If your budget is $25 a day, you will want to eat. The hotel only costs a few dollars a day, and you can buy delicious street food for about one dollar. (If you want to find more luxury goods, you can visit the country comfortably for $50-75 per day).
Be sure to spend some time in the busy capital Hanoi. When you are in the north, visit Xialong Bay. In the south, don’t miss the Juchi Tunnel near Ho Chi Minh City (used by the Vietnamese Communist Party in the war with the United States).
If you want to take some adventure activities, such as downhill and cliff diving, you can go to Da Lat. If you are looking for a beach, Nha Trang and Mene should be the most important places on your list.
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3. Romania

One of the many historic and picturesque castles in Transylvania, Romania
Romania is not only an undervalued destination in Europe, but also an affordable destination. Bucharest is a modern and emerging capital, and the whole Transylvania region is amazing. Bravo is my favorite city. It has a lot of history (including the notorious Braun Castle). Transportation is very cheap, and hitchhiking and hitchhiking are common. This is a huge country, so you can easily spend a few weeks, but still stay on the surface.
Backpackers can enjoy their time here comfortably. It costs only $35-40 a day, which is very cheap in Europe. If you want to be extravagant, stay in a hotel, eat more and drink a few drinks, you can easily do it at a price of less than $100 per day.
As more and more tourists come here to wait for visa restrictions in the Schengen area, it may become more and more popular (and expensive), so try to visit it when you can
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4. India

The iconic Taj Mahal on a sunny day in India surrounded by tourists
Although India has always been a cheap country, with the performance of the dollar so good, it is even cheaper! You only need to spend a little money to get it done. You only need to spend 20-30 dollars a day to get it done — usually less! You can find mouth-watering food. You can find mouth-watering food for less than $2, and the accommodation cost is only $5-10 per night, depending on where you are.
Even if you choose middle class accommodation and food, you can hardly spend more than $50 a day, unless you live in a five-star resort – even they are quite affordable! Although the flight to India may be very expensive, once you arrive, everything is very cheap.
Don’t miss the epic Taj Mahal, the leisurely Goa beach, the holy city of Varanasi, and metropolises such as New Delhi and Mumbai.
5. Argentina

Torres Towers in Torres del Paine National Park, South America on a bright and sunny day
Argentina — full of history, beautiful people, culture, wine, football and outdoor wonders like Patagonia — is one of my favorite countries in South America. Its capital, Buenos Aires, is considered one of the most active cities in the world. (Most people speak English, which makes it easier to walk around.) I have never drunk so much wine and eaten so much steak as I did here (which makes my budget full — but it’s worth it!).
The only problem is rampant inflation, so prices are always changing. But even so, you can still spend about $40-50 a day by staying in a hotel and persisting in cheap and free activities, such as visiting museums, hiking and free walking.
Patagonia is the main attraction here, providing charming scenery and world-class hiking. Nature lovers will also want to visit Iguasu Falls, which is the largest waterfall system in the world. Although the cost of multi-day hiking under the guidance of the guide is as high as $450, considering that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it is still super cheap.
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6. South Africa

The lush hills and mountains of South Africa
Adventures, wineries, mountains, and endless coastline suitable for road travel — this is South Africa. As a backpacker or economy traveler, this country is a good tourist destination because there are many job opportunities and a lot of adventure activities (and some great hiking) that keep you busy.
Although South Africa is indeed fighting corruption and petty crime, it has a thriving tourism industry and a growing backpacker and digital nomad scene.
With a daily cost of $40-60, you can enjoy the amazing beaches and leisurely lifestyle, which makes South Africa so attractive. Although there are certainly cheaper places on the African continent, you will get a lot of value here.
When you are in Cape Town, don’t miss hiking on Table Mountain or visiting penguins. If you are looking for a world-class wildlife park experience, go to Kruger National Park!
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7. Cambodia
Cambodia is one of my favorite countries in the world. The people here are incredibly hospitable. Even after a long absence, I still find it one of the best destinations in Southeast Asia: affordable, friendly and safe.
Over the years, prices have risen, but not by much (still cheaper than Thailand). Backpackers can easily handle it for $40-50 or less a day. Street food is cheap and delicious (Phnom Penh is a great food city), and the hotel costs less than $10 per night. You can also spend $20 to travel through most parts of the country by bus.
In addition, Angkor Wat is one of the most amazing historical sites in the world (access to Angkor Wat costs $37). We must visit the killing ground in Phnom Penh and the Tuol Sleng genocide museum to understand the history of violence in this country and make people sober.
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8. South Korea
I don’t know why most people don’t talk about it, but if you want a cheap East Asian country with charming countryside, South Korea is it. This country provides a lot of value!
When I went to South Korea a few years ago, I was shocked by the cheapness of everything. Of course, it is not as cheap as Southeast Asia, but it is quite affordable compared with Japan or Europe. The exchange rate of won against the US dollar is 1372 won. Most things only need thousands of won. I can’t imagine your budget will be broken here (unless you are a huge gourmet, because the food here is very delicious!).
My friend and I went to eat Korean barbecue and drinks. We spent 8 dollars each. You can buy beer for several dollars at 7-11. The hotel in Seoul costs only $15 per night (the hotel room starts at $30 per night). Backpackers can pay only $50-60 here.
Here, you must immerse yourself in Seoul’s cuisine and visit the Jingfu Palace. For a more luxurious holiday experience, you can go to Jeju Island to enjoy the fun of the beach and the sun.
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9. Mexico
I admit that I learned about Mexico very late. Although I have been to some tourist areas, it was not until recently that I finally explored places outside the resort. I like every minute.
Mexico City is a world-class metropolis with amazing food and nightlife. Oaxaca has incredible historical sites and a large number of delicious restaurants (as well as all the Mescal you can drink). Yucatan Peninsula is the perfect choice for road travel and swimming in the secluded sinkholes.
Although this country is said to be very bad in the United States (thanks to excessive media coverage), it is actually much safer and cheaper than people think. Travelers spend only $50 per day ($80-120 if you want to stay in a hotel instead of a hotel), while flights from the United States usually cost only $200 to return.
In short, this is a good choice for American travelers who are pressed for time but still want to explore interesting, sunny and cheap places.
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10. United Kingdom

Buckingham Palace and a classic red telephone booth in London, England
In the past few years, the value of the pound sterling (GBP) can be up to twice that of the United States dollar. This is not the case now. Britain is still struggling after Brexit, and now its value is only 20% higher than the dollar, if so. Therefore, although Britain is not a completely cheap tourist destination, the weakness of the pound and the strength of the dollar mean that you will get more value now than in the past few years. Backpackers can stay in hotels, free museums and cheap bar food and travel around at a price as low as $75 per day.
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11. Everywhere!

The colorful buildings of Copenhagen along the water as someone cycles by
Now, if you are an American, you can “discount” anywhere. The euro is at an all-time low against the dollar, the pound is weak, and so is the yen, Canada, Australia and New Zealand dollar, and so on. This is a particularly good time to travel to countries that are usually expensive, such as Iceland, Norway, Denmark and New Zealand. Your dollar will go further than in the past few years, so you should really take advantage of this opportunity, because you really don’t know how long it will last
The strong dollar makes it much cheaper to travel around the world than in other situations — especially if you want to go to Europe and visit some “traditionally expensive” destinations. Although a strong dollar does not mean “free”, it can definitely help you travel longer or more luxurious.
Don’t miss this opportunity when you can. Because who knows how long the strong dollar will last?

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