The Best Montréal Winter Weekend Escapes

When winter comes and many people choose to hibernate indoors, it becomes one of my favorite exploration times. The place is not so crowded. What you experience is the festival atmosphere, and snow will bring its own special magic in any case.
If you are looking for a beautiful, entertaining and spiritual weekend trip from Montreal to the surrounding areas of Quebec, these suggestions are all about eating good food (including maple!), enjoying the adventure of nature, and R&R.
1. Enjoy spa, delicious food from farm to table and skiing activities in Le Baluchon é co-vill é giature (ecological resort)

Le baluchon's spa nordik
Look at their hot spring Nordik (yes, I’m very pregnant here — laugh).
Le Baluchon ó co-vill é giature is located on 1000 acres of land in Mauricie area, providing everything from activities to Nordic style spa and delicious farm food.
The room has a comfortable big bed, fireplace, and on-site furniture made with local materials.
I like the food here is also local. Most of the products of the ecological resort are self-grown, including self-raised animals and 80% of other raw materials purchased from Quebec. They have their own vegetable gardens, hazelnut trees and vineyards, and their animals also eat well and live well.

At dinner, I enjoyed the winter salad of fennel and blueberry, and my staple food was wild boar meat pasta with maple glaze and Brussels sprouts – it was so unique that I had to try it! “. In addition, I can easily sell anything with maple syrup.
There are also plenty of winter activities here, including winter carriages, fat bicycles, Nordic skiing, horse riding, snowshoes and snowmobiles. The site is very charming, with a picturesque windmill, chapel and 35km trail to choose from.
My personal favorite is the Nordic hot spring – I miss my life in Europe very much. I hope we can have such hot springs in the United States. For those who don’t know the situation, there are swimming pools, saunas and relaxation rooms with different temperatures. I also enjoyed Stephanie’s prenatal massage. She knows how to relieve my waist pain.
I rarely live in a place where there are so many things to offer. I like that it is not only owned and operated by families, but also has several large local families working in the resort, making it a real community effort. Le Baluchon é co-vill é giature is about 2 hours away from Montreal.
2. Ma Yourte au Coeur des Collines Yurt Stay

I like my stay at Ma Yourte au Coeur des Collines very much. It is located in a charming forest, where I only experienced pure peace and quiet.
I live in Kamook, where there are windows to see the forest behind me, so that I can watch the snow fall in a warm house. There are complete kitchens, rest areas, comfortable beds, terraces, fire pits and compost toilets.

There are several yurts in the yard, which I also visited, which can accommodate small families, as well as a log cabin, children’s jungle gym, a short walking/snowshoe path, and a hot tub. I went in early spring, but in cold winter, when the lake is completely frozen, guests can also play hockey.
I also enjoyed a hot pot dinner and barbecue breakfast with local ingredients. You can ask the excellent boss Guy about these two additional items.
3. Sugar houses in eastern towns

If you plan to travel from March to early April, you should be excited, because it is the season of maple harvest! This is a specialty of Quebec. This is a specialty of Quebec. I like to experience the local culture. Obviously, I can also taste a lot of maple syrup.
Although there are many, I visited two very different but very good maple farms in the region.
E rabli è re Bernard of Granby
The sixth generation maple producer and sugar house owned by women provide weekend celebrations during the harvest season, picnic in buckets, and provide year-round maple products in their stores.
Their farms and manors have a commentary path to introduce their history of maple production and harvest, and to taste maple milk sugar with various ingredients on the snow during the sugar house season on the weekend. You will notice that they have an ingenious pipeline system between trees, enabling them to pump maple water into their facilities, where they operate through the reverse osmosis system, and then boil to create the final product – delicious maple syrup and more.
Cabane du Pic Bois in Bromon

Influenced by tradition, Cabane du Pic Bois is a good opportunity to see how maple syrup, toffee and maple butter are produced in an old-fashioned way. Andre, the fourth generation shopkeeper, still collects the harvested maple leaves directly from the buckets hanging from each tree, and uses a wood-burning boiler to boil the maple syrup for several hours.
I sincerely say that I have never tasted better maple syrup in my life. During the harvest season, he provides a weekend sugar shed, featuring toffee on the snow, and a tour guide service, which can be booked by telephone.
get accommodation. I stayed at the BEATNIK Hotel near Balnea Hot Spring in Bromont. I suggest eating at the Chardo restaurant in the town, where there are some delicious food mainly including local game, mushrooms and other forest products and wine, or for those who like to eat vegetarian food, Gaia Cafe is also very good. There is also a small ski resort nearby!
4. Monte-Megantique National Park

Mont-M é gantic National Park is not only suitable for hiking, but also an ideal place to watch stars. As the first international dark sky reserve in North America, since the 1980s, it has been holding astronomical night stargazing activities for the public, and has a very perfect ASTROLAB on the site, with interpretation signs in French and English.
The National Park is located in the area with the thickest snow in southern Quebec, with more than 60 kilometers of trails, of which 40 kilometers are very suitable for snow hiking. If necessary, you can rent snowshoes or cricket shoes at the National Park Headquarters.
If you have time and energy, I suggest you go to the telescope on foot to get some incredible views of ice and snow trees and surrounding mountains. I don’t have a sunny day to see the stars or sunset, but I still like to see the scenery from the top of the mountain, especially those trees like Anonymous. If you have less time or want to take a shorter path, the administrator of the headquarters has good English and can provide some suggestions according to the current weather and your wishes.

get accommodation. Aux Berges de l’Arrore is a small homestay, located in a house with a history of more than 100 years, about a minute’s drive from the entrance of the park. They provide delicious dinner every night (please tell them in advance that you want to eat this). In the morning, there are fresh fruit and coffee for breakfast. When I am there, there are also cookies
5. SPA Eastman’s small rest house

Located in a 356-acre manor, SPA Eastman is the first spa in Canada. It has been providing overall health services from food to activities, spa and accommodation for many years.
The spa was founded by former teacher Jocelyna Dubuc in the 1970s and is based on her personal experience of self-healing through food, meditation and lifestyle. There are several activities every day, from Qigong to Essentials, which are based on the mentality and movement of the body. There is also a sports scientist and natural therapy, massage, several swimming pools with different temperatures, sauna, and even a lake on the site for the ultimate cold water surfing.
My favorite food here is anti-inflammatory food. All the products provided are free of gluten and dairy products, featuring local ingredients, many of which are grown by themselves, and do not use chemicals or pesticides.
6. The choice of the Laurentine Mountains and the West

From my solo road trip in Quebec
This is my second visit to Quebec. The first time is in the fall. I explore the Laurent area, including the Mont Tremblant ski resort, Parc Omega Wolf Cabin, and more amazing food.
During my two visits, I have begun to appreciate the importance that Quebec attaches to maintaining local and family ownership and management. This makes responsible tourism easier, and is good for the earth, our taste and overall experience. There is always a personal feeling here. I think it is very attractive and charming. If there is maple syrup, it will be more perfect.

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