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Annecy France Travel Guide
The best activity in French Annasi!
Anasi, France
Although France is full of charming places, my favorite place is the mountain city of Annasi. From lake tour to farmers’ market — here are the most worthwhile things to do in Anaxi, France
Anasi is a beautiful lake town in the French province of Upper Savart, surrounded by mountains on the edge of the Swiss border. Lac d’Annecy has the freshest water in Europe, which is replenished from snowmelt every year.
This city is neither too big nor too small. There is an atmosphere very suitable for walking and cycling. You can spend a lot of lazy afternoons visiting local stores, eating snacks in the fresh food market, or having picnics in many parks.
We took two children and a cat to live in Anaxi for two months as a digital nomad, and we absolutely like it here! So we have some best suggestions here. Therefore, here are some of our best suggestions for the activities and great things in Annasi, France.
My Anaxi trip is completely free! I have tried to put it together for you. If you find it useful, please use my alliance link when you book a hotel, rent a car or an event. I will get a small commission. There is no extra charge for you! thank you.
France travel restrictions in 2022
France is again open to most tourists, including American tourists. However, you do need to prove your COVID-19 vaccination or negative test results before being allowed to enter the country.
Many hotels, scenic spots and private tours are open under the new health and safety agreement, and you still have to abide by certain rules.
You can find the latest information about your trip to France here.
1: Explore the old city of Anaxi
Canals in Old Town Annecy
Anaxi Old Town
One of the reasons why Anaxi is picturesque is the network of canals running through the old city. It is sometimes called “Venice of France”. Anaxi’s canal is shallow and not really used for boating, but it still brings a charming feeling to the town.
In addition to the colorful old buildings, cobblestone streets and flower boxes, it is always a pleasure to walk near the old city of Annasi.
You can see the mountains and lakes in the distance, and enjoy many restaurants, cafes and ice cream shops on the street in the town.
2: Boating on Lake Anaxi
Boat on Lake Annecy
Rent a boat on Lake Anaxi
The biggest highlight of Anaxi can be said to be Lac d’Annecy, a charming big blue lake on the edge of the town. Lake Annasi is the third largest lake in France and is often praised as the freshest lake in Europe (due to the melting of snow in the Alps).
The lake is surrounded by mountains. Although it is cold, it is an ideal place to enjoy cool in hot summer. There are bicycle lanes around the lake, a lot of beaches, and many opportunities for boating!
Hire a bicycle boat — You can rent all kinds of bicycle boats at the lakeside of Yacht promenade. The price of these ships is about 15 euros and the time is 30 minutes, depending on the size. Some even have slides or diving boards.
Hire motorboats — You can rent a small motorboat with 4-5 people, and you don’t need a boat license. Some ships have sun visors, and the rent for one hour is about 65 euros.
Take part in the tour around the lake — some large tourist boats will take you around the lake and introduce the main points of interest. You can even book a dinner on the ship!
Water-skiing – Water-skiing is a popular pastime on Anaxi Lake. You can book a trip at the local water-skiing company.
Take a sailing class — you can rent a small sailboat to cruise on the lake, or take a junior sailing class!
3: Walk across the Lover Bridge
Lover's Bridge in Annecy
Pont des Amours
The Pont des Amours is a particularly beautiful and famous bridge on the edge of Lake Lac d’Annecy. It spans the Wasser Canal and connects the Jardins de l’Europe and the Jacques Gallery.
According to local legend, lovers who kiss on the bridge will stay together for life.
There are two excellent views on the bridge. One is to look at the lake itself, with mountains in the background. If you turn around, you will enjoy a tree-lined canal with wooden boats moored on both sides.
4: Have a picnic in the European garden
Gardens of Europe
have a picnic
When the weather is fine, walking or cycling to the European garden is a good family activity. This huge park is located by the lake, with a large area of green land, plank road and amusement park.
There is even an old wooden merry-go-round originally built in 1871 for children to ride on.
This park is very suitable for afternoon picnic — just bring some wine, cheese and bread from the market, and then take a blanket to enjoy the mountain view. This is a French experience you can’t miss!
5: Explore Anaxi Castle
Annecy Castle
Anaxi Castle
Anaxi Castle is a castle in the center of Anaxi, located on a mountain in the town. It was originally built as the residence of the Earl of Geneva and the Duke of Geneva – Nemours from the 13th to 16th centuries.
Today, there is a museum (Mus é e-Ch â teau d’Anne cy) in the castle, which displays local sculptures, art and natural exhibitions of animals and fish in the lake. From the edge of the castle wall, you can see some good scenery of the lake and town.
Adult tickets are about 5 euros, and children under 12 years of age are free.
6: Walk along Thiou corridor
Promenade de Thiou Hike
Anaxi’s urban hiking route
Thiou Corridor is an easy walking path through the old city of Anaxi, along the clear and blue Thiou River. As you go out of the city, there are more and more trees and more hidden. There are paths on both sides of the river.
This path is also suitable for bicycles and strollers. This is the best way to enjoy nature for an hour or two (and stay away from the busy and tourist city center). Along the tree-lined path, there are some amusement places, rest areas and bridges.
The starting point of Promenade du Thiou is Quai des Cordeliers (through the famous Le Palais de I ‘Î le), which is located in the center of the old city of Anaxi. You just need to go up the river from there.
7: Visit the old city of Anaxi
Annecy Le Vieux
Visit the old city of Anaxi
Anne cy le Vieux is another part of the city, a residential area on the mountain, overlooking the other parts of the lake. There is a beautiful park, ancient buildings and churches, some restaurants and bars. Compared with the busy old city below, it is usually a more relaxed place.
Some highlights here include Clocher Roman Church, Gabriel Faur é Park and Les Quatre Gourmets Restaurant.
8: Shopping at the farmer’s market
Farmer's Markets
Fresh cheese on the market
One of my favorite parts of living in Anaxi is the many fresh food markets on the streets of the old city. You will find all kinds of agricultural products, cheese, sausage, wine, olives, bread, flowers, handicrafts and so on.
Anaxi’s street market is held from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Be sure to try the local Rebochon cheese, which is used in many local dishes.
9: Chateau de Menton-Saint Bernard
Chateau Menthon and Valley
Mangtong Winery
Menton Castle is an impressive medieval castle, just outside Anaxi. For more than 100 years, it has been the home of the same family. It is open to tourists from the weekend of April to October.
The castle stands between Lake Annasi, Roc de Ch è re National Nature Reserve and Menton-Saint-Bernard, and you can see the wonderful scenery of each place.
The guide to the castle (in French only) is in the afternoon, lasting about an hour. There is also a small garden, as well as sheep, pigs and peacocks.
10: Cycling around the lake
Bike Path in Annecy
Cycling around the lake
Anaxi is very friendly to bicycles. There are many special bike lanes and trails that can take you around the city. There are also wonderful bike paths around the lake. While enjoying the mountain scenery, it is also a good way to spend several hours.
This 35-kilometer paved greenway follows the old route of the railway connecting Annassi and Albertville, and stops at small villages along the way, such as Sevrier, San Jos é, Duente, Latuyer and Dusad.
You can rent a bicycle in many stores in Anaxi, and even buy a trailer for children (like us).
11: Palais de l ‘Î le
Palais de l'Ile
Trying to take a family photo
Palais de l’Isle is probably the most famous postcard attraction in Anaxi. This is a unique castle-style building, located in the middle of the Tiu River, surrounded by restaurants and shops in the old city of Annasi.
It is often described as a “boat-shaped house” – the building used to be a prison, court and administrative center. The first buildings were built in the 12th century.
Today, it is a museum (about 4 euros), with an ancient court, dungeon, cell and chapel. You can visit it. The most famous photo was taken on the bridge in front.
12: Hiking
La Tournette Mountain
La Tourette hiking
Located at the foot of the French Alps, Annaci is a good place to visit the mountains. There are many local hiking activities nearby, as well as one-day trips to excellent skiing and hiking.
From simple walking to extreme mountain climbing, everyone can find something suitable for himself. Hiking around Annasi can include waterfalls, mountain lakes and tracks of wild animals’ goats.
Here are some popular hiking routes around Annasi.
La Tourette — the highest peak near the lake. La Tourette is a very difficult hiking trip. But its scenery is amazing. About 6 hours back and forth. Only experienced hikers.
Mont Baron&Veyrier – 2 hours of moderate circular hiking tour, visiting two peaks, beautiful scenery.
Gorges du Fier – This is an easy hiking route for the whole family. It takes you through the suspension bridge in the middle of the gorge.
Cascade d’Angon — A beautiful and cool waterfall hiking is not difficult, and you can see beautiful lake scenery. About 2 hours back and forth.
Annecy from Above
When to visit Annasi
The best time to visit Anaxi
March to May
We visited Annasi in spring, mainly in April and May. The weather in this part of France is unpredictable. It has snowed several times. In between, the sunny day is full of wild flowers. There will be snow on the mountain, but the weather in the city is not too hot.
June to August
This is the peak season of Anaxi. Although it is beautiful, it will become very crowded. Many tourists visit Anaxi as a one-day tour in Switzerland because it is close to the border. It is difficult to find accommodation in summer, unless you book a few months in advance.
September to November
This may be the best time to visit Annasi. Most of the tourists in the peak season have left. The weather is cool, but the snow hasn’t come yet. There is also a great festival in October, called Alpine Pasture Return Festival.
How to visit French Annasi
Boat on a Canal
Where is Anaxi?
France Anasi is located 44 kilometers west of Geneva (Switzerland), about 40 minutes by car. Most people arrived at Annasi after flying to Geneva International Airport, and then drove across the border.
However, it is also possible to fly to Paris and then take the train. Search Skyscanner. com for the cheapest flights to Geneva.
Buildings in the Old Town
Living in Anaxi
Accommodation in Anaxi
Accommodation in Anaxi can range from backpacker-friendly to luxury. Because we want to live there for a long time, we rented a great vacation apartment from My Sweet Home Anne, which is very close to everything.
In Anaxi, the best accommodation area is near the old city, which is convenient to go to the market and the lake.

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